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Workplace risk assessments explained

Workplace risk assessments have become an integral part of running most businesses these days. As an employer you will already know about the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work act & The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations - the risk assessment is another way in which you can ensure that you adhere to it Some fear having to do it while others simply loathe it, but it still needs to be carried out regardless. It helps to have workplace risk assessments explained so as to alleviate any underlying anxieties you might have.

The requirements

The risk assessment will involve an assessment of all areas of the building your staff will be able to access. There are some commonly used forms these days that will help you to identify any potential risks. The idea is to remove the risk where possible, make people aware that the risk is there, or take steps to reduce the risk.

The risk assessment will incorporate all aspects of the workplace including things like office chairs, desks, plant machinery, and walkways. How the risks are identified and dealt with will vary between the industries. In the ever changing environment of the workplace the risk assessment will need to be constantly carried out and updated.

How to carry out a risk assessment

The initial workplace risk assessment is likely to take some time to complete. This will vary between industries and the type of workplace to be assessed. Using a standard form with questions that help to identify all the potential risks is the most common way to begin the risk assessment.

You can assess all parts of building to begin with before breaking it down and assessing each individual and their workspace. Things like correct seating positions, levels of lighting, and space in the surrounding areas will all need to be considered. Try to identify risks that are present now and anything that could develop into a risk in the future.