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Jane Bilton at Propak Solutions

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Case Study: Our Clients view to success

When McGuggans management team bought the business in 2002, it was essential they could continue to meet demanding Health, Safety and Hygiene requirements. Finance Director Mr Jones says a strong relationship with a Health and Safety Consultant means the business can continue to concentrate on making Chocolate and stay one step ahead of stringent regulatory and customer demands.

Here's what we did.

We assessed our needs and found a suitable consultancy.

"We sell to supermarkets and newsagents and need to be sure that we meet their health, safety and hygiene standards. Many large customers like these use EFSIS (the European Food Safety Inspection Service) to assess their suppliers' processes and it is essential we stay on top of these requirements”

"We checked with EFSIS who recommended a number of consultants and drew up a shortlist from there."

Agreed a framework

"We employed Veritas Consulting Safety Services, a specialist consultancy on a Competent Person Service basis. We asked them to carry out a full audit and come back to us with a clearly defined list of what we needed to do. We sat down together to work out an implementation plan. We agreed priorities first and then discussed what we had to do to make it work”

"There were some structural things that the Consultant recommended which we could do quickly, such as linking our fire alarm systems to our sprinkler system. But there were other areas where his involvement was crucial. For example, they did full employee training on using fire extinguishers, our duty of care and staff hygiene”

Over an 18-month period, we worked through the entire plan, while also keeping on top of customer requirements and minimising negative impact on production."

Manage the ongoing relationship

“We monitor progress with Veritas Consulting on a month-by-month basis and we continue to agree 12- month contracts with them. Once a year, we step back and look at all our processes together and see what else we need to do”.

"They are now working with the HR team to integrate Health and Safety practices into our HR procedures - this ensures employees know everything they need to about Health and Safety."

What we'd do differently

Not delay appointing a Health and Safety consultant

“We spent time assessing whether we could manage the processes in-house. Delaying the decision any longer could have meant us losing business as we may have slipped behind. As soon as we had Veritas Consulting on board, we knew that our EFSIS inspections would be signed off straight away."