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Construction Health and Safety

A construction site poses all kinds of dangers to those working within it. With so many things to contend with such as heavy machinery, potentially unstable structures, and human error it can seem impossible to implement any sort of construction health and safety plan. As the boss of a construction site however it is not only in your best interest to implement an adequate plan, regulations also dictate that you should.

There will also be risks on a construction site, and this constantly moving environment means that no plan will be comprehensive. A construction health and safety plan will have to take in different considerations to that of say an office building where many dangers can be predicted. There are some basics considerations to make when designing the plan though:

Ease of comprehension – A construction site will have many different people on it from many different backgrounds. In addition to that there may be new people coming onto the site regularly. A plan that is simple and easy to comprehend means that each individual can easily read and understand what is required without the need for extra training.

Short and concise – A one page construction health and safety plan is usually much more effective than one that spans multiple pages. A one page document can be quickly read and understood by those on site and they will not be overwhelmed with lots of information. The plan should be to the point and written in short bulleted paragraphs.

The construction health and safety plan is a document that will help to ensure that fewer injuries occur on the construction site. It is important to have one in place and steps should be taken to ensure that all workers and visitors to the site are aware of it and understand its content.